Course 5: Understanding The Solution

“Have the courage to turn your curse into your cause and to wear your cause as your crown.” –

You are the Difference

You are the difference. Being different is what will make the difference. Turn your curse into your cause. Wear your cause as your crown. Do not be afraid, you are never alone.

Find Your Help Groups

Never let the influences of hate make you feel powerless or void of hope. Find your support group or groups and get involved. There are many active groups who are involved with helping those who may feel endangered or threatened by the influences of hate. There are also many active groups that can help you find hope, provide support and help. You never have to feel alone or helpless. Never give up hope. You are never alone.

Be Encouraged

Some bullies are very creative at making you to feel powerless, and leaving you feeling boxed in with no place to turn. In some cases, anything you try to do to resolve the issue will lead to further consequences or embarrassment. You may not always be in a position to convince the leadership at your job, school or online community to do something about “hate” related instances that are effecting your ability to function properly. Moving or relocating to an institution that does not endorse hateful behavior is a healthy option but unfortunately it isn’t always a convenient one. In the case where relocating is not an option, the best way to take charge of the situation is to make it your cause.

Lead Your Cause

Find creative ways of getting involved by educating the people around you about how to overcome the influences of hate. Always go to your leaders first, try to find a resolution through your HR department and ask about opportunities they can use to educate your fellow employees or classmates about the subject of bullying, discrimination and/or hate. Also ask for educational opportunities to make everyone around your work or learning environment aware of the subject matter and the resources available to them. This is the best way to FULLY disarm any and all bullies. Do not stop there. Become an active part in assuring that such activity never endangers anyone else on your watch.

If your leaders are unresponsive, find creative ways to educate your peers and people around you while obeying all rules and regulations. You will never see yourself as being a victim again when you are in the position to make a difference. If you can wear apparel or use office materials that display your cause, do so within guidelines. If you have fliers or educational material, ask if you can pass them out to your team or class mates during the next meeting or when ever available. This takes courage, but you are safer when you disarm them with education as you’ll be surprised how many allies you’ll gain just by your display of courage, passion and resolve.

Be Considerate

Let people know that this is a cause you are passionate about, but always be considerate, not forceful. Keep with you the understanding that everyone has the right to their opinions, beliefs and even the right not to believe. Have the understanding that all of us are different, all of us have the right to our diverse opinions and perspectives, beliefs and doubts. With this in mind, never attempt to force an agenda or belief that would rob someone of their freedom to believe or even their right to abstain from it.

Everyone has the right to their culture. Everyone has a right to their own individuality but NO one has the right to attempt to rob anyone of theirs. Any culture that endorses hate also endangers the lives, integrity and freedom of the human race. What we do NOT have the right to ever do is to “hate” others, display acts of hate, or to teach others to do the same. In time, we will learn how to better understand one another, how to love one another, how to accept people for who they are and where they are in this journey of life. No one is perfect. We are all flawed but yet we all aspire to become something beautiful in the eyes of one another. Everyone desires to be perceived and accepted as one without flaw or imperfection. Until then, let us simply learn how NOT to hate.

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