The Declaration to Be hate Free

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*This is not an official or legal document but one of which was made for the intended use by people of every nationality and tongue. This document is a declaration of choice and does not represent any legal documentation or political affiliation.

We support the freedom of belief, fair expression, the right to one's own opinions, and the right to abstain from the opinions and expressions that define others, all under the guidance of justice, our common desire for human dignity, our inalienable human and civil rights, and under the full consideration of ALL people from every nationality, cultural background, religious belief or personal perspective.

I. Proper Judgment: A person should not be judged by their cultural differences, personal preferences, passions, physical characteristics, diversities or beliefs, but rather by the abundance of their heart, by the substance of their character and by the evidence of their deeds.

II. Right to Identify, Believe or Abstain: Every person has the right to their personal preferences, passions or beliefs, and has the right to identify themselves by them provided they do not jeopardize the peace, safety and freedom of others. Every person also has the same right to abstain from the passions and preferences that define others, and can choose not to be defined or identified by them as well.

III. The Gift of Freedom: The freedom to choose to believe or to abstain from a belief is inherent in every cognizant human being. This is self evident. Although rules can be regulated and laws can be enforced, an ideal, opinion, perspective or belief is a gift that must be willingly received by any of its potential participants. A belief, opinion or perspective can never be inherited or adopted by force.

IV. Fairness of Innate Diversities: Our diversities that are innate in nature and absent of choice (such as race, gender, physical characteristics or disabilities) should never warrant discrimination and every individual should be subject to the same equal fairness and dignity given to others of, or outside of one's physical characteristics.

V. Fairness of Expressions by Choice: Any act, idea, or physical form of expression derived from opinion, passion, preference, belief or choice, should not warrant discrimination based upon differences of opinions or belief, unless such expressions are (by any reasonable people or persons) deemed offensive, insensitive, or harmful to others.

VI. Consideration of Expression: Any act, idea, or physical form of expression derived from opinion, passion, preference, belief or choice, should always be followed by our individual and collective responsibility to show consideration to all in whom it may impact.

VII. Conditions of Fair Expression: One should feel free to express one's self provided that their expression does not endanger the safety of others, intently motivate others to acts of aggression through hate, and provided that one fully considers the full effect or consequences of such expressions and how it may collectively impact others, potentially offend and/or impede on the beliefs of a person or people.

VIII. Proper Justice: Justice is impartial by nature and extends to all it encompasses without discrimination. The idea of justice should always be void of prejudices and personal biases.

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