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Be hate Free Interactive:

Hate Free Heroes RPG:
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What it means to Be hate Free:

To “be hate free” is a moral and ethical human obligation that has no political, cultural or religious bounds. It represents what is fair and just for all people, an idea that we should all agree to aspire towards. – behatefree.org

About Be hate Free Interactive:

Be hate Free INTERACTIVE is a program that features videos, lessons, training courses and activities to help you overcome the negative influences of hate.

Become more productive, attract more positivity and opportunities into your life. Attract more friends, strengthen your relationships and open your life to so many more possibilities.

Our program and community is a journey of growth, fulfillment and empowerment. To "be hate free" is more than just a program or self help guide, it is a way of life.

*As a member, you will be licensed to use our videos for diversity awareness and training within your school, work place or organization. We provide training tools and resources that can be used by leaders, counselors or those wanting to make a difference in their community.

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