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Our Philosophy

We at Be hate Free.org support the freedom of belief, fair expression, the right to one's own opinions, and the right to abstain from the opinions and expressions that define others, all under the guidance of justice, our common desire for human dignity, our inalienable human and civil rights, and under the full consideration of ALL people from every nationality, cultural background, religious belief or personal perspective.


Because certain topics such as sexuality and religion are choice inspired, we can not contribute to any promotion of preferences and must respect everyone’s right to participate in a belief or practice, and one's right to abstain from it. We do support the freedom of choice and the freedom of expression. We also fully support the love and the courage of everyone that participates in the ideals of equality, acceptance and inclusion regardless of belief or practice.

Our Community

We strive to create a community inclusive and diverse in nature. Groups are created by our team to encourage thoughtful and inclusive dialog (anyone can feel free to participate). Our discussions are also moderated to keep the community fun, fair and safe for everyone.

Our community rewards you for active participation, not popularity. This helps provide a sense of accomplishment and reward over time. We encourage a community of appreciation and consideration of one another. We hope to see you become a part of our development. Join our community today.

About Be hate Free Interactive:

Be hate Free INTERACTIVE is an application that provides useful tools, fun activities, lessons, community activities and opportunities to help you overcome the negative influences of hate while also making a positive impact in the lives of others. Download the demo and try it for free today.

What it means to Be hate Free:

To “be hate free” is a moral and ethical human obligation that has no political, cultural or religious bounds. It represents what is fair and just for all people, an idea that we should all agree to aspire towards. – behatefree.org

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