Our Philosophy

  • Everyone is entitled to the freedom of culture, belief or opinion provided that one’s actions or influences does NOT intently impede on other people’s freedoms or rights, and does NOT promote acts of violence or hate.
  • Our diversities that are innate in nature and absent of choice (such as race or gender) should always be met with common human dignity and respect regardless of one’s personal beliefs or opinions.
  • Our diversities and beliefs that are choice inspired should also be met or expressed with common respect and consideration regardless of our own personal opinions or perspectives.
  • “Hate” should never be used as a motivational tool for change nor should it be used as a social form of expression.
  • In our pursuit for freedom and happiness, we should always be considerate of how our actions impact others.
  • Any act or idea driven by opinion or choice should always be followed by our individual and collective responsibility to show “consideration” to ALL in whom it may impact.
  • “Justice” can be considered subjective and must be met with great consideration and understanding. The idea of “justice” should always be void of prejudices and personal biases.
  • “Hate” or any act motivated by “hate” is destructive by nature and can endanger the freedom and rights of others. An act of “hate” is always an unjustifiable act.