Course 1: How to Be Hate Free

“Love can only truly prosper in the absence of hate.” – be hate

Where it all starts

Hate and even bullying can start in subtle ways that we are not always consciously aware of. This is where the true damage of hate begins, in our lack of understanding. Knowing the symptoms of hate is the only way we can begin to cure ourselves of it.

Symptoms of hate you can avoid

  • Gossip and spreading rumors about someone or other people.
  • Verbal or sometimes physical abuse against a specific person or people.
  • Exclusion, alienating or segregating a specific person or people from social involvement or opportunities.
  • Encouraging others to antagonize, taunt, bully, exclude or disrespect a specific person or people.
  • Publicly publishing information that can either tarnish or harm the image, credibility, or dignity of a specific person or people.

How to express yourself hate free

  • Have an opinion but consider the consequences of how you express it, or how your expression will impact others.
  • Make sure your expression does not generate or motivate others to acts of hate.
  • If your opinions or views can cause harm to others exposed to it, consider a constructive, alternative of expression.
  • Make sure all forms of communication and expressions are constructive by nature by offering possible and reasonable solutions.
  • Avoid destructive forms of expressions that only have the intent to cause harm, embarrassment or disrespect.
  • If you don’t have something positive to contribute to the lives of others, it is best NOT to contribute anything at all.

The 3 steps to “Be hate Free”

1. Do not follow, be persuaded by or feed on other people’s acts of hate. Be a leader, not a follower.
2. Do not encourage the alienation, segregation or antagonism of others. Include, don’t exclude.
3. Do not disrespect or rob anyone of their human dignity. Give the same respect you expect from others.

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